Bespoke, Open & Implant Trainings

“We offer our esteemed clients a rewarding learning experience that provides added value to them personally and professionally. We deliver timely, interactive, educative and fun training sessions that enable our clients exhibit their competitive edge and blaze the trail in their respective practice”.

Our Leadership & Personal Development programs for professionals is executed by our School of Business Civility.
This program is an essential human capital investment for your organization.
Are you hiring for technical reasons and firing for behavioural reasons?

Executive presence is key to building business relationships, organizational growth and sustainability. Exhibiting leadership traits is a skill that must be learnt among others to portray best practices, move to the next level and outclass competition. Increased productivity and bottom line is intensified by the show of both protocol and in-depth emotional intelligence among employees, an essential survival toolkit.

Manners cost nothing it is free of charge, but the lack of manners can cost you millions