Workplace Civility for Growth & Sustainability


Training Guide

Have you done a workplace audit?
As an added value to this course we will conduct a complete workplace audit of your organization to assess suitability and effect on your bottom line. This is crucial to the smooth operations of your organization.
Many organizations skip this very important part of business when internal customer service is dysfunctional. Best business practices uses practical examples will be deployed in this very interactive course. The objective is to rebuild team synergy, create an environment for motivational training and increase overall productivity.
Our Workplace Civility program is strongly based on international; research and impact of workforce engagement, interaction and attitude to work.
This course is practical and hands on it shows how employee workplace dynamics can impact class distinction to outsmart competition.

For Whom:

All staff organization wide.

Duration: 2 – 3 Days

Training Package:

Special Course Features

Specific to the purpose and operating modalities of the course