Reputation & Impression Management Program

The Professional Image Institute – TPII

Reputation Management for Accelerated Growth
Mastering Personal & Professional Image to overcome competition
Practical Image Consulting for Professionals

Polish, Presence & Personal Performance for:

Image and reputation are key to the success of any individual or profession. It is our job to transform the outside reflect the inside.
In a bid to making life better we ensure that the client does all the necessary stops to help them look better, feel better, do better so that others will treat you better. The objective is to create a positive visible appearance, we do this through evaluation, enhancement, upgrading and improving. We look into every aspect of image from personal life style, body analysis, posture, colour coordination, wardrobe analysis among a few.
To maintain a good reputation we help though speech, diction, public speaking and presentation.
Our course will also engage in a full 360 degree assessment, DISC personality test and full personal brand profiling.
This course is practical and hands on it shows how professional image dynamics can impact class distinction to outsmart competition.

For Whom:

All staff organization wide.

Duration: 2 – 3 Days

Training Package:

Special Course Features

Specific to the purpose and operating modalities of the course