Business Protocol Intelligence Program


Training Guide

Business Etiquette Savvy an essential business toolkit needed for survival and success in business. Research tells us that this interpersonal skill is needed more today than ever before, to foster good relationships and to be relevant in the global business world we are experiencing. The key elements of what you look like, how you behave and how you communicate is heavily overlooked and taken for granted these days.
People will only do business with those they trust, credibility, trust and authenticity is a perception that must be upheld to overcome the challenging and competitive business terrain of today.
Our Business Protocol Intelligence course uses practical cases to cove rall aspects of best business practices for great business results.
This course is practical and hands on it shows how Business Protocol dynamics can impact class distinction to outsmart competition.

For Whom:

Customized to suit all levels including C- Suite Executives. Senior, Middle & Junior Managers, Frontline & Auxiliary personnel.

Duration: 2 Days

Training Package:

  1. Award of certificate of Participation
  2. Immediate activation strategies
  3. Free 30min Coaching & Mentoring Session
  4. Tea & Lunch Break

Special Course Features

Specific to the purpose and operating modalities of the course