Professional Protocol

We hereby introduce to you our Protocol & Professional Leadership Academy which offers a Graduate Fellowship Program for Graduates and young pros.
The theme of the scheme is Polished for Success. The project aims at providing graduates/young professionals with the opportunity of learning interpersonal skills that will exert confidence, networking, productivity and reputation management. Soft skills being the new hard skills to promote themselves and their individual businesses with new knowledge and a broadened horizon. The platform will serve to promote employability and entrepreneurship to enable participants be inspired by new trends, discoveries and ideas. Ultimately this will enable them be empowered to forge forward and operate at their personal and professional best.
The aim of the series is to teach participants best practices that will enable them exert their full potential as they confront the challenges of the real working world. We plan to make it a fun and interactive session.

Program Overview:

  • Protocol & Leadership Intelligence
  • Image and Impression Management
  • Productivity & Assertiveness
  • Entrepreneurship / Business Acumen
  • Train the Trainer