Janet Adetu FCCA, AICI FLC AMC, a certified Executive Business Coach with expertise in Corporate Protocol, Professional Image, Personal Performance & Leadership Development. Janet is also a certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor as well as a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. Janet holds a Bsc honours in Economics, an MBA and is a qualified Chartered Accountant; a fellow with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). Janet is the CEO /MD of JSK Etiquette Consortium an affiliate of the JSK Consulting Group with over 25years experience in the corporate sphere.

Janet has multitudes of exposure in international business ethics, personal and corporate image, personal performance cultural life styles, dress codes and international protocol techniques; she draws on her experiences as a seasoned financial auditor working for two top accounting firms KPMG and Ernst & Young. Janet has successfully impacted many lives in her quest for excellence through her teachings on personal and professional growth that help improve confidence, competitive advantage, panache and presence. Janet is a highly sought after inspirational and motivational speaker conducting fun and interactive leadership development seminars, impression management workshops, executive and business protocol coaching with other key speaking engagements in Nigeria, Kenya and United Kingdom.

Janet is dedicated to helping corporate organizations, professionals, expatriates, diplomats, individuals and youths, to polish their professionalism, improve their social graces, master their interpersonal skills and enhance their image, style Personal Corporate Profile copyright ©2016 JSK Etiquette Consortium Profile – Janet and executive presence. She is very happy being a mentor to a number of people across the globe. Janet has featured and published articles in a number of local publications both in Nigeria, United Kingdom and Kenya. The passion to write has led to being a regular contributor in both Business Day and Vanguard Newspapers in her columns: “Business Etiquette with Janet & Social Etiquette with Janet” respectively.

Other publications include, This Day, The Punch, The Guardian, The Vanguard, New Telegraph, Newswatch, Life Magazine, Glitz, The Independent, The Union, Ovation and The Sun. Her articles are found in The Edition. Healthy Woman and Passion Magazines (Kenyan Publications), Lagos Mums, Exquisite Magazine, Skribble and The Redsheet. Janet is the author of “Etiquette Strategies for Everyday Polish.” Also a radio host presenter and TV CO- Host Janet is the producer and presenter of the weekly show “Etiquette With Janet‟ on Beat 99.9FM and Classic FM 97.3, also newly introduced “Ladies Etiquette With Janet Adetu‟ & Etiquette With Janet – The Dialogue on Citi 105.1 FM. Janet also Co presents Etiquette With Janet on Sunrise aired by Channels TV weekly.

Her quest for excellence has manifested in Janet being a guest on numerous radio and TV shows some of which include Hope 93.3 FM (A Kenyan Radio Station), East London Radio ( UK Radio Station), Cool 96.9FM, Nigeria Info FM, Inspiration 92.3 FM, Unilag 93.1FM, Wazobia FM, K24TV (A Kenyan TV Channel), TVC News, Ebonylife TV, Silverbird TV, MITV, Lagos TV(LTV), Channels TV, CoolTV and Ogun State TV (OGTV) Janet’s passion is to build leadership growth potential with protocol distinction.

Janet is a go getter championing the cause of Professional Civility, Image Enhancement , Reputation Management & Attitudinal Change in the working environment in Nigeria and beyond. Along with her amiable team Janet has masterminded many projects to help improve the bottomline of all clients. As an Etiquette Lifestyle Connoisseur Janet Says “We should all aspire to be inspired with panache, transform our potential and step into the “New You” By the special grace of God Janet also derives great joy in philanthropy and helping the needy. Specifically she has a major passion to assist children born with congenital heart disorder. She is the founder and president of a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing advocacy and financial support for the open heart surgery of children between 2 – 18 years who were born with a hole in the heart. Janet is happily married with three children.

Do enjoy the exclusive interview with Mrs. Janet Adetu:

What are you passionate about that keeps you going no matter what?

Well I can say that I am passionate about adding value to the lives of others. Professionally I feel strongly about ensuring that people project the correct image that portrays their strengths, upholds their self-esteem, and builds their confidence.

My job as an Etiquette, Protocol and Personal Performance Coach is drawn from my passion to impact society in a positive way. One that builds a better workforce, a more conducive environment to live in and cultivates more meaningful and profitable relationships.

From a social perspective I am also passionate about philanthropy. By the special grace of God I have a deep passion for children born with Congenital Heart Disorder- that is born with a hole in the heart. Many years ago I set up a charity to help and support such children by way of advocacy, awareness and raising of funds for the lifesaving open heart surgery.  To date we are grateful that over 100 children have benefitted from this initiative.

How have you been able to successfully balance your business and family life?

Everything I say again is by His grace. Thankfully, my children are all grown up young adults now living in different parts of the world. With an empty nest my husband and I are quite focused as individuals at what we do. We actually find ourselves busier than when we had the kid’s home. I guess it is in a bid to keep ourselves young at heart and active striving to create impact. I must add that my husband is very supportive, I can say he is my first mentor.

When I am working I dedicate many hours to it. I discovered very early on that you have to work twice as hard when you run your own business.  When I am home I am very much present. I am very particular about how it looks, how clean it is, the entire ambience of my home.

My domestic staff know I am meticulous about everything, so they cannot afford to let their guard down. I have been like this for many years. I trained them as to how I would like things, thankfully it is one of the reasons why two of them my cook and driver have been with me for over 17 years.

To get a good feel of my home I insist on no staff on Sunday that way I get the kitchen to myself as I love cooking and can be very creative when I am in my element. Weekends are for my family while weekdays are majorly for work.

What was the top 3 greatest challenges you may have gone through or in your business solution if any?

I started my business almost 8 years ago in Nairobi Kenya now head quartered in Lagos Nigeria. This is a relatively new area for professional and personal development. Unlike in Kenya where it is warmly received it is just gradually being accepted as a need rather than a luxury. Along the way I can say that the top three challenges I have experienced are:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Copyright
  3. Costs

I deal mainly with intellectual property most of which comes from me personally. You can easily go on the internet and google anything you want. In teaching and communicating a lot has to do with personal touch and dissemination strategies. Not everyone understands this or the impact more importantly over and beyond any financial compensation is the passion that drives you. It is a cost intensive business, copyright is not protected the way it should be and consultation costs are not regulated by governing bodies in our environment.

For every family, what are the top 3 etiquette tips that you can recommend?

OK, on the top of my mind because society is fast changing, family values are fast lost in the system and communication is no more interpersonal I would say:

  1. Emotional Intelligence cannot be left out in families, today parents are not abreast with what is going on with their children, young youths are finding greater solace in social media and the wrong friends. Device strong family ties, observe, learn and show emotions where it matters most. Learn to listen to each other and help solve family issues together.
  2. Strengthen your communication techniques in your family on a regular basis, whether it is by phone, by email, by WhatsApp or Skype whichever is convenient.
  3. Cultivate your own unique style as a family which includes good grooming, positive image, perfect character and a polished personality. Correct any waywardness immediately. Emphasize good behaviour always, ensure courtesy exists among family members. Finally I would say you should encourage each other to boost confidence and self -esteem during all forms of weather conditions.

What are the top 3 advice that you want to pass to every youth, young woman, married woman and family to be successful? 

Every family is different with their own values, beliefs, thoughts and desires.

I have to say first and foremost it goes without too much emphasis, do not run someone else’s race, try to live some else’s life or want to be like another family. Every family should have their own game plan for today, tomorrow and the future. It takes good communication between all to achieve this and a good head of the family. My main pointers are as follows:

Be Consistent: Be consistent in the way you do business, relate with people and form relationships as individuals and as a group

Be Unique: Be unique in your way of life, friendly, receptive, courteous, cautious, focus driven

Be Inspired: Be by the things you see, hear, and read about daily

Believe: Believe in what you do and stick with it

Dare to be Different: Be dominant, diligent and determined to do new things and impact your society

For every family you need to step into you Panache, the time is now not later.